Effective omnichannel sales and communication



MMG Sky is a cloud-based contact center solution that brings highly flexible and
scalable multi-channel solutions for companies of all sizes. It offers a variety of selfservice options for your management and staff. Easy to use and fully interactable
with other systems offers increased productivity, closer customer contact and
improved service levels. Being truly omni-channel, it offers voice, email, social
media, SMS and webchat; all within the same application.

Some of our key features:

  • No need for advanced IT-knowledge. The system provides a high standard
    of self-services and strive on being extremely user friendly for users with all
    kind of experiences.
  • Powerful tools give you the ability to create campaigns, discounts, products
    directly. Handle data and content between all your channels. Everything
    from field to phone.
  • Full administration over you own system, collect and build your very own
    reports with our pivot-system directly in the browser.
  • We provide a full API-integration for your own systems. Trigger actions
    directly based on external systems is no problem. Everything you can do in
    GUI is doable via API.
  • This system is built with GDPR policies in the foundation. We`re able to
    transfer all your information by approved and secure methods. Deleting
    information is EASY!

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